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Leaders are persuaders. But the power to persuade doesn’t come from your position on the org chart.


It comes from your ability to engage and inspire.


Enter storytelling.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of Leadership Storytelling.

  • Learn how to define reality for your troops while inspiring hope – a must-have skill for effective leadership.

  • Learn how to cultivate empathy – essential for people management and brand management.


  • Learn how to rally your employees around your organization’s historical/foundational narrative (how it all began) and its future story (where it’s headed.)

  • And much more!




  • As the facilitator, I will work with participants to create a Foundational Narrative and Future Narrative that’s unique to their organization or brand.


All workshops are customized to fit your specific needs. Large and small-group trainings are available, as is one-on-one coaching upon request.


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