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Companies with disengaged employees incur steep costs, including low morale, diminished productivity, and staff turnover. 


I believe that, rather than blame management, employees must take responsibility for their own engagement.

That’s why a good chunk of this workshop is devoted to teaching participants skills so they can cope better with stress, work together instead of against each other, reduce ego, and promote a peaceful and cohesive culture.

The other piece of the puzzle is employees’ universal longing for meaning and fulfillment. I like to say, if you want to engage your employees, give them something to believe in – a value or principle that is bigger than job description or product.

What's meaningful is different for every person. We will break into small groups to explore this in greater detail.



  • Using the Hero’s Journey as a framework, this story-driven workshop culminates in the development of employee engagement plans for all participants.

All workshops are customized to fit your specific needs. Large and small-group trainings are available, as is one-on-one coaching upon request.


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